Skills and Talents

Passion & Determination

If I feel passionately about something I want to tell the world and share it, which is why publicity is a natural area for me to be employed. If you feel passionately about what you do, I’ll help you share that too. I’m tenacious – I stick at things and if I want something to happen, I’ll make sure it does.


Relationship Management

I’m a people person and I tend to get on well with most that I meet. Working for a bank gave me a great grounding in putting the customer first. I like to work closely with my clients and I think it’s important that we get on well and have some fun along the way.


Media relations

I have established good working relationships with local and national media through my professional and voluntary work.

My customer service and selling skills training in the bank provided an excellent grounding in relationship management.  I love meeting people and networking.



From speeches for the Executive Chairman of Alliance Boots, to interviews with composers and features in Festival News, I can apply the appropriate style to my work to get the message across.

My press releases are often reproduced verbatim.



Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean being able to design eye-catching posters, in fact, I would always employ a professional to do that, but I do think creatively and have overseen design projects.

I have managed the redesign of the Leith Hill Musical Festival website, printed publicity material and the production of a promotional video for the Festival. In 2007 I designed and relaunched the Leith Hill Musical Festival newsletter.

As the Lloyds TSB Business Television Expert I found solutions for the management of the bank’s internal TV network. Later working for a TV production company, I directed and edited inserts for programmes.

As a Patient Representative I have written, produced and delivered presentations at National Primary Care Development Team Chronic Disease Management conferences and local NHS meetings.


Organisation & Planning

From managing a variety of client projects whether it be the planning of an activity or a strategic direction, producing live Business Television broadcasts, and arranging choir activities, organisation and planning are natural talents of mine.

Budgeting & Cost Management

My initial banking training in customer budgeting and debt management has proved invaluable throughout my career. I bring in projects on budget and on time and always look for cost effective solutions.


Public speaking

I have been interviewed many times on radio and television and enjoy public speaking. I was always the child at school that was picked to read in assemblies and at work, I have given many presentations. I recorded the voiceover for Nike, Friedelind and Katharina Wagner in Tony Palmer’s Film The Wagner Family, which was shown on ITV’s South Bank Show and is now available as a DVD.



My family are very important to me, but whilst the men in my life are enjoying football related activities, I spend a lot of my spare time singing (you’d probably worked that one out). I am also a member of a wine tasting group and am particular to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with a noggin of Stilton. In my 20s, I learned to ice dance, but the only time I go these days is for an occasional trip to one of the Christmas rinks.