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Since 2008 I have worked for a few hours a week as a freelance PR, providing a tailored service to a variety of clients in the arts and classical music business. I’ve been involved in projects of all shapes and sizes working with professionals and volunteers.

Running realistically targeted media campaigns and building brand awareness, projects and successes include:

  • Running the campaign for public votes resulting in Scratch Youth Messiah winning the Best Classical Music Education Initiative in the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence 2015
  • Classic FM: podcasts, webchats and photo features
  • Interviews on BBC Radio 2 The Sunday Hour, BBC Radio 3 In Tune, BBC Radio 4 Midweek, BBC One Countryfile and BBC local radio
  • News items with ITV London and ITV Meridien
  • Interviews, reviews and photos in regional, national and the music press
  • Writing content and co-managing the redesign of the Leith Hill Musical Festival website.
  • Redesigning and writing newsletters including interviewing musicians
  • Rebranding and redesigning printed publicity material
  • Introducing email marketing
  • Social media management

For continuing professional development, I have attended many Charity Comms seminars.

I work with a deliberately small roster of clients and only part time (I’m a Teaching Assistant on Thursdays and Fridays), and I’m not looking for any more major PR projects. However, you can hire me to pick my brains or I may be able to do something straightforward like write a press release for you.

I’d be interested in doing some voice over work, narration, presenting or radio though. In December 2017 I co-presented a show on Surrey Hills Radio and told a story on Radio 4 BBC Saturday Live. You can also hear me in Tony Palmer’s film The Wagner Family. I’ve had Type 1 diabetes since 1983, and I’ve done several radio interviews on the subject in the past so if you’re looking for an expert in that, do get in touch.

Please contact me via Twitter. Contact information for my clients Bob Chilcott and The Really Big Chorus can be found on their respective websites.


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